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Overall Standings for Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter Day 3

 Overall Standings for Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter Day 3 - The second week of Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter has started from today. Over the course of six rounds, Group C and A fought fiercely, with TSM eliminating Chemin Esports from first place.

TSM scored a whopping 86 points, placing them in first place with an overall score of 154. Chemin Esports did not play today, although they still finished second with 148 points. Revenant Esports didn't win a match today, yet they finished third, while Total Gaming had an average day, finishing ninth.

Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter Day 3 overview

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TSM won the first two matchups with nine and ten kills, respectively. In the first and second matches, Old Monk and Mr. Jay were named MVPs.

Desi Gamers won the third match played on Kalahari with 11 kills. Despite being eliminated early, Team Chaos managed to collect six frags. Desi Gamers are placed last despite their victory.

TSM rose to second place in the overall standings after only nine matches at the end of Match 3. Chemin Esports, on the other hand, remained in first place.

Orangutan Elite won the fourth match with only two kills by playing passively. With eight frags, Total Gaming topped the scoring table.

With six kills in the sixth match of the day, Team Chaos emerged victorious. TSM and Total Gaming both scored six kills after displaying consistent gameplay.

With 13 kills, Nigma Galaxy took the sixth and final match of the day. With eight and seven frags, respectively, Revenant Esports and Team Chaos were in second and third place.


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