AjjuBhai’s (total gaming ) Free Fire ID and Status

AjjuBhai (Total Gaming) (Desi Gamers) This is a well known Indian Free Fire content creator. Ho Ki is a professional sportsperson who is loved by millions of viewers. Ajjubhai's official channel has 30.8 million subscribers. Whose channel name is Total Gaming.

AjjuBhai’s Free Fire ID and Status

AjjuBhai’s (total gaming )Free Fire ID and Status

  • Ajjubhai's Free Fire ID is 451012596.

Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) has played 12832 squad matches and has 3058 wins. During this he has done 49780 kills and his K/D ratio is 5.09. He has made 18150 headshots.

Along with this he has played 1828 matches in duo mode and won 357. With this, he has done 7289 kills and his K/D is 4.96. He has hit 2537 headshots.

He has won 93 matches out of 1027 in solo mode. Along with this, his K/D ratio is 2.79 while he has done 2605 kills. His headshot percentage is 33.86%.

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