Ajjubhai vs Sooneeta: Who has better in-game stats in Free Fire?

Sooneeta and Ajjubhai, aka Total Gaming, are two prominent figures in the Free Fire community. The content developers are from India and Nepal, respectively, and are well-known for the quality game-related content they have provided over the years.

The former has 32.3 million subscribers and 5.744 billion views on his YouTube account. Sooneeta, on the other hand, has a total of 5.31 million subscribers and 484.806 million views.

Ajjubhai vs Sooneeta: Who has better in-game stats in Free Fire?

Disclaimer: Since the game is banned in India, users from the country are recommended to avoid the game.

Ajjubhai's Free Fire ID & Stats

Ajjubhai's Free Fire ID is 451012596. Their statistics are as follows:

Ajjubhai took part in 1033 singles games, winning 93 and achieving a win rate of 9.00%. He has achieved 2616 forts in a K/D ratio of 2.78.

Meanwhile, in Duo mode, they have 358 wins in 1837 matches, with a win ratio of 19.48%. They have obtained 7313 fragments in the process, maintaining a mortality-to-death ratio of 4.94.

Total Gaming also made 12899 appearances in Squad Mode and remained unbeaten in 3070 while retaining a win percentage of 23.80%. With 49972 kills, his K/D ratio is 5.08.

Ranked stats

When looking at the current season, Ajjubhai hasn't played any ranked games.

Sunita's Free Fire ID and Stats

Sunita's Free Fire ID is 131311296, and these are her stats:

Sunita has appeared in 968 singles matches in Free Fire and has 75 wins, which translates to a win ratio of 7.74%. He has accumulated 1649 pieces for a K/D ratio of about 1.85.

Looking at the Duo mode, the content creator has played 1954 games and topped 309 occasions with a 15.81% win percentage. He has 3634 murders to his name with a K/D ratio of 2.21.

In addition, the player has appeared in 23855 squad matches and has 5608 buys, which equates to a win rate of 23.50%. He has 60214 kills, with a K/D ratio of 3.30.

Ranked Status

Sunita has played 11 pairs of matches this season and finished first in four of them., which has converted into a win percentage of 36.36%. At a K/D ratio of 6.14, he has 43 kills.

Finally, the YouTuber has participated in 131 squad games, winning 62 of them for a win rate of 47.32 percent. It has accumulated 677 pieces for a death-to-death ratio of 9.81.

Ajjubhai vs Sooneeta: Who has better stats?

Types of matchesSoloDuoSquadSoloDuoSquad
Number of matches1033183712899968195423855
Win rate9.00%19.48%23.80%7.74%15.81%23.50%
K/D ratio2.784.945.081.852.213.30
The K/D ratio and win rate are commonly used to compare player statistics. In all three modes – solo, pair, and squad – Ajjubhai has the advantage over Sooneeta in terms of lifetime matches.

Furthermore, because Ajjubhai has yet to play a match, it is difficult to compare their rated stats.

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